Alesis DM10 Studio 2011 6 piece Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis DM10 Electronic Drum KitBuy Alesis DM10 Electronic Drum Kit




Alesis are seen by many to be the new kids on the block as far as electronic percussion is concerned but have in fact been in the business of studio recording and processing technology for more than 25 years. So I guess that you could say that they know a thing or two about electronic instruments.

Dynamic Articulation

The newest in a long line of Alesis electronic drum kits is the Alesis DM10 studio 2011 6 piece electronic drum kit. It is ideal for those who are looking for a more realistic sound when they play. These sounds are built using true samples of classically played drums and cymbals and any discerning ears can’t fail to notice that each sound is a plethora of different samples. This means that as you play, whether it be softer or harder the cymbal or drum actually changes its pitch and not just the volume. This is known as ‘dynamic articulation’ and makers Alesis say that this technology is exclusive to them.

Another first

The Alesis DM 10 electronic drum kit not only has an outstanding collection of ‘on board’ sounds but it also has the ability to enable you to load entire new sound sets via a normal USB connection direct from your PC. So for you this means sounds that are inevitably fresh, current, and above all cutting edge.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty!

Realhead drum pads

The drum kit itself comes with eight inch and ten inch acoustic feeling drum pads. The double zone pads consist of authentic Mylar drum heads and tri flanged counter hoops for that real deal feel.  The snare and tom pads are also dual zone which enables you to perform rim clicks or rim shots. Also you have the ability to assign any other sounds such as cowbells, cymbals and gongs to the tom rims. The realhead tom pads and snare are mounted on 10.5 mm L-Rods. For a totally customizable sound you can of course use the realhead kick pedal, but you can also split input with a Y cable and connect to a second kick pad if you so wish.

Dmpad Cymbals

The Alesis 10 DM electronic drum kit consists of a set of 4 cymbals, including a triple zone ride cymbal, 2 crash cymbals and of course a high hat. The cymbals feature multi zone triggering on the edge, face and bell, to produce that all important sound. The real hat pedal also gives you total and variable control from open to closed.


This in effect is the backbone of the drum kit and is the industry standard 1½ inch tubing. However its rugged four post design allows the kit to remain stable even under the most extreme of conditions.

On the whole the Alesis DM10 Studio 2011 6 piece electronic drum kit over delivers on instruments, sounds, flexibility and above all gives value for money, and as a result will only serve to harness all that creativity.
Alesis DM10 Electronic Drum Kit

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