Roland TD9K2 Electronic Drum Kit Review

Roland_TD9K2 Electronic Drum KitBuy Roland TD9Kx2 Electronic Drum Kit




Roland is at it again! The newly designed kick pad and cymbals on the TD9K2, along with an enhanced T-9 sound module mean you can play away happy in the knowledge that you’ll sound great!

The updated T-9 sound module has an increased database of drum and percussion sounds that increase the scope of musically genres represented. Aside from an extensive library of custom sounds, the T-9 sound module now allows for a MP3 hookup allowing you to jam along with your favorite tunes. The configuration of the T-9 sound module is simple and clean and using the module is intuitive so that you will not always be referencing a user’s manual. The module also enables the musician to make custom kits assuring that the sound combinations possible are infinite. Another great feature is the ability to have 50 support songs with real audio sounds for each instrument. The USB input also allows for MP3 or wave playback, so you can play along with any song you desire.

As always, the mesh head snare and tom pads create a real feeling sound and accurate feedback and the enhanced cymbals are more realistic than those of the previous V Tour models. The rack is of sturdy construction made from the highest quality yet lightweight materials allowing for easy set up and tear down when on set.

Considering the overall construction and the improvements made to the V-Tour set, this is the perfect digital drum kit for anyone looking to purchase or upgrade from their existing drum kit. The look and feel of the Roland electronic drum kit is impressive and the on board functions available will inspire any musician. This digital drum kit is great for the beginning player to the professional musician.

Roland_TD9K2 Electronic Drum Kit


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